This is mi fifth nendoroid figure, but the first one i write a review about, the Nendoroid from the Disney movie Frozen. That storyfull of emotions and possitive messages, i´m talking about Anna, the younger sister and her funny and joyful friend Olaf.


The package arrived yesterday and the first impression of receiving a new figure is awesome, the colors of the box, the snowflake printings are cute and always make you think about not to open it. The beauty of Disney Characters and the detailed style of japanese figures specially Nendos, gives you no choice but getting this Figure, and Elsa (coming soon).


The box includes the figure with two face plates, four arms, and two arms to hold with Elsa (God, i need Elsa right now!!!) bases and Olaf using a nice hat and holding a cane. I’m a little paranoid about bootleg figures since i can’t get some nendoroids directly from the Coodsmile company due to unavailability but it’s easy to identify them.


When you place then together seems like they’re going to start singing.


”When your older sister avoid you for your own sake and you try to fill that emptiness with friends”.


… And more friends (I noticed that I can remove Elsa’s arms and keep the hands attached so Anna can hold any other Nendoroid).


Finally, she looks so cute with her hat and cape, also her gloves keep her safe from the cold (even if here in Chihuahua the average temperature right now is like 32°C/89°F). I’m so happy now that I’ve got this nendo so I WANNA BOULD A SNOWMAN TOO


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