It’s been almost a week since my last post, i’ve been trying to figure out how to make a small diorama for the next nendoroid and this time Umaru Chan is the star. Himouto! Umaru-Chan is a japanese manga about a schoolgirl who lives a double life, she’s intelligent, beatiful and very friendly but when she gets home she becomes lazy and only wants to play videogames, watch anime and eat junk food. When i started to watch the first episodes i wasn’t impressed at all, but it became funnier after every situation, now that i’ve finished I want a new season so bad!!.


Since I started collecting nendoroids, I’ve noticed that every single blog had a review about this funny character, there are several unboxing videos on youtube and many figure photographer own this figure, that’s because Umaru is very expressive and anyone identifies with her, so do i.


This nendoroid comes with many expressions compared to other figures, some arms, legs, and obviously her junk food and Cola.



I’ve been really amazed by some Figure Bloggers and their abilities to make awesome dioramas, so I made this simple and fast stage for the figure with cardboard, wood sheets, fabrics and some stuff to decorate the shelf. It took two hours to be finished so i’m glad with the results.


This is Umaru Doma waiting for her brother Taihei to serve the dinner.


The perfect Scene; Potato Chips, Chocolate cookies, Cola and maybe a Netflix account.


The dinner is not ready yet, so let’s play videogames for a while


Who needs social life if you have Cola and chips?


When you realize  you have to go to Work/School tomorrow.IMG_7414

I want a Kotatsu so bad, even if the temperature here is so high these days, and my floor is made of hard concrete and ceramic tiles.


Wanna come in?? there are some cola drinks in the fridge, new episodes on netflix and the air conditioner is on.


And finally HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!! celebrate your mothers telling them how much you love them.

Well hope you enjoy, I hope to keep posting stuff like this and improve my skills with the photography and dioramas

See ya soon


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