I’ve always proffesed my love for pokémon since I was 9 or 10, it’s been 20 years since the first videogame was released in Japan, and a few years leter in America and i’m even a bigger fan of the franchise, many videogames, a lot of seasons through all these years, and lately the merchandise.

The Pokemon Company in Japan has a store in the main cities of that country, where you can find all kind of pokemon themed items and souvenirs; especially plushies, really cute plushies (trust me). Any reason is acceptable to release a new fluffy pokemon, mainly pikachu dressed up with several costumes or remembering a special season in Japan.

The next gallery is is part of my instagram photos i’ve been uploading from the last year, so well sorry for the low quality but some of them are fine and I went some places of Chihuahua to take these pictures, some of them are from the day the mailman gave me the package in my office, so let go

IMG_0603Here’s where the magic begins and my bank account suffers the struggle of getting a new one every month. Monthly Pikachu Series is a plush collection reased very month (obviously) that started in March2015 with a really adorable pikachu dressed up like intern for the month of April, with a coat, glasses and a  briefcase. Personally, one of my favorites, because it makes me remember my last days of college and my first job. Here in México this pikacho is commonly called  ”PIKACHU GODINEZ”, a term used in social media to describe any office worker.

IMG_7466The second one is a plush conmemorating the Children’s day in Japan (kodomo no hi), released in April to be sold until May. I think this is the least attractive, the design of this pikachu is quite different to the next releases, it’s simple and for Western culture is hard to identify the meaning of the karps and carps meaning the parents and sons.

IMG_1806The Third one is a special pikachu released in May to be part of the June rainy days, this month is when rains the most and Pikachu knows that. It comes with a Cute raincoat and an umbrella. I really enjoyed displaying it outdoors everytime it was cloudy and rainy.

IMG_1966The Fourth one relates to the Japan festivals (gion matsuri, tanabata) released in June to celebrate the festive season, with a traditional outfit. Like the last one, this wasn’t so popular here in America, until the releases of the Pokemon Center in the United States.

IMG_2223The August Monthly Pikachu was released in July, personally, I love this one, like cuteness overload. A sailor pikachu with his shirt and hat, ready to sail away; this one could be a nice member for a Village People fan video, I loved it since it came out, and for a strange reason I had to wait so much time for the package to arrive but it was worth it.

IMG_2691The September Monthly Pikachu released in August was a Pastry Cheff, holding a shortcake, (Better watch out Gordon Ramsay) there’s a new master cheff in town.

IMG_2681The Octuber Monthly Pikachu is a Cute painter with a brush and ready to create art, the fun fact about these plushies is that some smile, some smile even more and some others wink. None of them are the same pattern dressed differently.

IMG_7485The November Monthly Pikachu is related to the seasons change, and the beginnig of the cold weather, this one comes with a fashinable dufflecoat and a bastket full of truffles. This is the ”Pikachu Fashionista” looking cool even when it´s cold.

IMG_7472The December Monthly Pikachu comes with a Special Japanese Outfit and a Darumaka, celebrating the new year, (hpe that by this day pikachu have achieved at elast one resolution).

IMG_4548The January Monthly Pikachu is a special plush dressed up like an Entei representing a Lion Dance (shishimai) to celebrate the Chinese New Year and the Buddha’s birthday in Japan.

IMG_7486The February Monthly Plush is a sleepy and kawaii pikachu under a confty kotatsu, I think this Pikachu is so me in February when all i wanna do is lie in bed and ignore all that St. Valentine stuff.

IMG_6335The last Monthly Plush of the series is a Graduate pikachu with a cap and gown and  holding a diploma, it feels like “congratulations pokefan, but there are more merchandise for sale out there”. This Pikachu looks ready for a speech. After this plush, The pokemon center announced a new collection of monthly pikachus, but now in pairs, I’ve got the first one, but after that, I’ve noticed that every month a new product is released and it looks exactly the same as the plush released the same month a year ago, so i did’t want to collect them.


IMG_4435In December 2015, the pokemon  Center anounced a special edition Monthly Pair Pikachu to celebrate the New Year, unlike the current pair collection, these pikachus are bigger, and are using traditional kimonos.

I started collecting these plushies last year, they’ve been very popular and run out of stock quickly, so the market is full of bootleg products. This is my Monthly pikachu Collection, hope you like it, later on this week I’ll be posting more pics from other pikachu’s plush collections i’ve got, so that’s all for today.




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