CHITOGEHello guys, this time i’m gonna write a review about this charming nendoroid; Chitoge. The cute blonde from the manga NISEKOI. Kirisaki is one of the main characters from this manga called FALSE LOVE,  she and Raku have to fake a relationship in order to avoid their families fight each others, seems legit right. Four girls are the possible Raku’s true love from his childhood, and Chitoge is one of them.

Almost every nisekoi fan is TEAM KOSAKI, but not me, i´m TEAM CHITOGE, she’s like a rude and strong clueless girl with a funny sense of humor

IMG_7599I ordered it a few weeks ago and there was a little delay, I was really angry when the package arrived because the box was damaged, and I think i sent many curses to the seller, (sorry about that). Fortunately, the figure didn’t get damage, just part of the aesthetics of the box.

IMG_7601Chitoge comes with 3 different expressions, some arms, her notebook, a briefcase and the promise key necklace, personally, i love her wink expression with her ”peace & love” pose.

IMG_7604Waking up in the morning with a smile, ready for her first day school, will she make new friend will she find her true love?

IMG_7613An excellent student, always getting the highest grades of her class, no one would think she’s daughter of a Mafia leader

IMG_7606Chitoge always looks gorgeous when smiling, the painjob is awesome, and the pink detail on her hair. Displaying this figure outdoors is required.

IMG_7610The Red Ribbon looks like moving by the wind, there’s an entire episode dedicated to it.

IMG_7615IMG_7616The panicked expression is really accurate to a scene where she’s surprised by Raku, she was thinking of a way to make friends easily.

IMG_7622Her winking expression is so cute, and with her peace & love sign, who couldn’t love her?

IMG_7631IMG_7634After a long day of school, Chitoge walks the streets looking for a good restaurant or maybe waiting for Raku to take her somewhere.

IMG_7640IMG_7644Too lazy to walk, why don’t we take a ride in my corvette?

P1000748But first let’s make sure that we’ve got great music to play while driving; and of course, if the playlist includes the second opening from the first season, way better. Personally, this one is my fav, CLICK by ClariS is a real “must have” in every anime/j-pop fan.

There are other 3 nendoroids from the Anime but only Chitoge and Kosaki have been rereleased, Seishiro and Marika were released only once. Sadly, GoodSmileCo didn’t release Raku (the protagonist of the story). The Anime has, until now, 2 season and some OVAS but the story hasn’t ended yet, so I’m waiting for a 3rd season, but there’s no information about it.

IMG_7646IMG_7647Well guys, that’s all by now, really enjoyed taking these shots, the day was so cloudy and rainy, This was the first time I took a figure outdoor. I expect to blog something new soon and If you liked to, you could go for a ride with Chitoge :3



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