IMG_7574How couldn’t I show you my precious 3DS if I waited for 5 weeks since it was announced until its release date, (pokemaniac alert) I bought it since January in a presale on BESTBUY ’cause i thought it would run out of stock quickly like the RED NENDOROID. I had never meant to get a New 3DS ’cause the amiibo stuff wasn’t so important for me and I already have a Pikachu Edition 3DS XL, but watching those Charizard and Blastoise plates and the preinstalled GameBoy classic games, I had no choice but getting one.

IMG_7576IMG_7577IMG_7578IMG_7579The console comes with 2 sets of plates; remembering the first tow games released in America and Europe, a downloadable code for a screen theme, and unfortunately, comes without a charger. The console has many improvements for software, faster loading and compatibility with amiibos. The buttoms design has changed and the SD card slot is under the lower plate, so you have to remove it, compared to the previous versions.


IMG_7581IMG_7580This is biggest dilema for any Pokémon Trainer, isn’t it; you have to pick Squirtle, Charmander or Bulbasaur for the first time. The plates have exactly those artworks used for the Original videogames, pure nostalgia for me. That vivid Red and refreshing Blue colors placed on the white console fit so harmoniously.

The pokemon Company in Japan released 4 Nintendo 2DS, including each pokemon version (red, green, yellow and blue). The special edition consoles are crystal color according to each version, at least there’s a TEAM VENUSAUR there. The European 2DS version of these special consoles only include the red, blue and yellow packs.

IMG_7584Looks like RED wants to start a new adventure with a Charmander. The preinstalled Red version is exactly the same as the gameboy catridge, but with wireless conectivity.

IMG_7585 RED also wants to choose a Squrtle for his journey. The blue version was my first pokemon videogame ever, it makes me remember those days when i needed AA batteries and only could play in the daylight

IMG_7582I tested my console, using my Super Smash Bros game and a new charizard amiibo.

IMG_7589You have to Register every amiibo in the game and train it and levels up everytime it battles.

IMG_7595So these are my 2 Nintendo 3DS, i’m still so used to the XL screen, but for a pocket size it’s worth. I can’t wait for the Pokemon SUN/MOON release late this year and transfer all my pokemons.


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