Hello there, it’s been a while since my last pikachu plush post, this time i’m gonna write about this collection, very special for me because with this I started collecting Pokemon stuffed toys and plushies. I remember last year when i saw on internet a photo of a pikachu using a Nice hoodie, it was dressed as a Mega Charizard Y, with a mega stone brooch, and I really wanted one. The Pokemon Center in Japan started to distribute a special edition plush to celebrate the opening of a New Store in Tokyo, and well, that’s how i’ve been getting almost every plush released in Japan.


IMG_7653This one, has been released many times, since its first appearance, there are differents edition of this plus, and obviously a huge amount of bootlegs everywhere. There is a standard happy Pikachu, a angry one, and a reedition of the first in different pose. Thisis the most common online, and I´ve seen it almost in every convention, but sadly, most of these toys are bootlegs and sold as original for a high price.

I’ve got both originals and bootleg (by mistake i swear) and i can tell by the quality of materials, their tag printing and the bodyshape proportion, that there’s a lot of difference between them. You can even notice that some of the bootleg plushes aren’t   Pokemon Center official products like the next one before it was announced by The Pokestore


IMG_7654This is maybe the curious one, it was released Later last year, but the bootleg industry have already had released a fake edition of this mascot, ebay, amazon, and many online stores were and still are full of that pirate version. When The Pokemon Center anounced the release of new products including 7 new plushes, the difference between the fake one and this pikachu was so obvious, the bootleg has a weird eyegloss effect, its blue flames are not detailed as the original and the most common thing in fake pikachus is their eyes and cheeks proportion. That chinese copy was released a year before the original, and I almost was convinced to buy one but luckily when this plush was announced by the Pokemon Center I inmediately ordered it.


IMG_7656The third Generation dragon pokemon, Altaria, I’ve never understood why is this pokemon a dragon type it it looks like a blue swan with cotton wings, and with its mega stone it looks like a cotton candy. Since Nintendo released the sixth generation, the mega evolution became a huge success, bringing back pokemons from all the previous generations to give them a special new look and new strength.


IMG_7655This was my last purchase from this collection; usually, i get my favorites first and then the least favs at last because they run out os stock very quickly, and the online prices goes ridiculously high. Audino is the replacement for Chansey as the Nurse Joy assistant in the anime, and a high rated pokemon for the ORAS games contests.


IMG_7658Sorry guys, that huge red gem isn’t real XD!!, Mega Sableye Pikachu comes with that huge and shinny rock. I was a little worried because when i wanted to buy one, it was almost out of stock. I usually buy these pokemon products from an ebay seller in Japan, the guy is so kind and the shipping costs are really good, I sent him an ebail and then he called to differents stores to look for availability and voila here it is!!


IMG_7659The day the mail man arrived, i was so excited that i watched the movie ”LUCARIO AND THE MYSTERY OF MEW”. Lucario is a mystic non-legendary pokemon that introduced the aura concept to the franchise, and has been the key character in many videogames, seasons and movies.


IMG_7660This is the cutest, I´ve been a SLOWPOKE, SLOWBRO, SLOWKINGlieber from the first generations. Slowpoke is so clueless and relaxed, even with its own memes on the internet. The mega evolution of this pokemon is awesome, and if you find a cute pikachu inside you have no choise but to love it.

IMG_7666IMG_7663The PokeStore revealed some images of other ”poncho pikachus” like a mega rayquaza, mega ampharos, mega mewtwo Y amongst others; but until now none of them has been released or announced, perhamps later this year we’ll hear some news about it.

Hope you liked the pictures, and see you next time :3


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