At this point we’re sure about something, Pikachu can do anything, we’ve seen this yellow guy as an intern, a sailor, a cheff, painter, almost everything, even dressed as many other pokemons or making reference to important dates. But that’s not enough to reach the fame; so, what about being a pop idol and entering to some contests to prove how cute SHE is, (we’re talking about a female pikachu with her heart shaped tail).

IMG_7731This was my third pikachu plush ever, I wanted it so bad since i played pokemon Alpha Sapphire. This is the only one from this plush series that i’ve got; I don’t like the others as much as I like this, maybe someday I’ll get the pikachu libre or the Belle Pikachu but I  don’t feel like I need them :P. I like the quality of its materials, even the tags are amazing and help you identify the genuine products from bootlegs. I ordered this plush from Japan, but this one is also available on the US PokeStore.

IMG_7730For now, I’m ok with this fluffy friend with pink shoes, a gorgeous dress and stunning eyelashes (which brand of mascara does she use???). So watch out Britney, Gaga, Katy, Taylor Ariana and all pop stars, there’s a new DIVA in town!!!


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