NENDOROID 537 N The Pokemon Company

IMG_7745Hello guys, this time we’re going to UNOVA, to find this enigmatic character, Natural Armonia Gropius, long name right, we´re gonna call him just ”N”, the leader of Team Plasma (at least he was told); and sometimes Ash’s jorney friend in the anime. N is a special character from the story because he understends pokemons since he was raised by them at his early years, before he was adopted by Ghetsis.

IMG_7751Take a look at these folks in Nendoroid size.

IMG_7760In the main videogames N challenges you through the story, being your final rival. After Black &White, he becomes you ally to defeat the new Team Plasma. This guy is well known for his radical phylosophy about humans and pokemons, and dreams of a world where pokemons live free and separately from people.

IMG_7754Reshiram is N’s partner in this journey.

IMG_7758“What I desire is a world for Pokémon, and Pokémon alone. I will separate Pokémon from people, so Pokémon can regain their original power.”

IMG_7757N’s  strong and loyal partner, Reshiram, a dragon/fire legendary pokemon from the fifth generation. This creature is featured in the Pokemon movies black and white, helping Ash to defeat Zekrom, or vice versa.

IMG_7785Are you ready to battle N and his powerful friend?

I wasn’t sure to buy this Nendoroid from the pokemon centerUS or from a japanese seller, but i decided to get it from Japan, from my favorite seller ( visit his store, he offers cheap shipping worldwide —-> GUNGUN UPUP ).

IMG_7747N comes with some arms legs and extra hands, his pokeball and two different expressions as well, his Reshiram is articulated and easy to assemble. Since you open the box,  you do nothing but to love N, GSC caught its essence, those eye expressions and his tiny smile. This Nendo doesn’t come with many body parts and expressions but includes a large size pokemon fully articulated, very similar to Shirona/Cynthia and Garchomp (my next nendo i hope).

IMG_7752This buddy won’t rest ’til every single pokemon is set free from its trainer to live wild and far from humans; unless, a stronger trainer defeats him in a battle.

IMG_7789IMG_7799IMG_7806IMG_7811But this guy is so peaceful most of the time, he loves the nature and wild pokemons, even with his deep expression N smiles sometimes.


The day is almost over, so this is a good time to take the last shoots, i’ve never taken photos to my figures in public, today a crazy bird really pissed me off trying to attack me, maybe, this angry bird thought that i was holding a dove (reshiram).




After a long day of shoots, N decided to go back to his palace.


The downtown streets of Chihuahua are so empty every sunday afternoon. I had no idea what to do with this nendoroid, since this was the first taking photos outside in public i wasn´t sure what to expect and maybe a little shy to do it.

So that was my sunday with N and Reshiram, hope you like it.





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