IMG_9337Because of my career, the dioramas aren’t unknown for me. Since i entered college, I started making scale models for  my school projects, from small houses to huge building complexes. While some of them were only conceptual and undetailed, others were so complicated.

In my opinion, the difference between an architectural model and a diorama is that in the first case you work with elements from an external view, the workspace ratio depends of how faithful to the project your model is, but always from the outside to the inside (when you make a interior model). The second case only represents a stage or a static scene, dioramas depend of a main character or situation and when you make a specific one, you only develop the scene you want, you start with a character from the inside to the outside and usually ignore details from the stage that don’t relate to the character or are out of frame, but you have to pay attention to details like furniture and textures because these are the main characters of the diorama.

Another difference between both modeling works is the cost and time, making a scale model for architecture takes a lot of time ’cause sometimes the pieces are so tiny when the scale is small and seems like you have a 500 pieces puzzle. The imagination helps a lot when you’re looking for a texture accurate to real materials. The Dioramas have a small workplace ratio so you only have to be creative and careful in that area and usually work with bigger pieces, you can even use previous elements like old toys.

Along the way, i’ve been learning different skills to improve my work and then apply them.

When you make a scale model from your own design you know exactly what to do but when you’re working someone else’s project you have tu understand it first and read the plans, this last point is very similar when you make a Diorama, you have to understand the scene and catch the most underappreciate detail to make the most faithful project.

I started making models with small houses, those have been my fav since I always wanted a Doll’s house when i was a kid and never had one (sniff sniff). I usually start with the house like a single figure, after that, work with the gardens and sidewalks, and finally part of the streets.

The first Diorama/Model I remember i’ve made, was a little city made of sheet papers and parts pf boxes, more than 20 years ago. I remember everyone told me ”You should me an architect, and then you could design my house” and here I am.

IMG_7422This was my first diorama for a NENDOROID, I fell in love with Umaru and her confty apartment, this is quite simple but i think it’s so clean.

IMG_7878Usually some dioramas don’t have to be so complicated to make, their purpose is only to be a nice background.

IMG_8078Sometimes you only need a plain sky background and some random toys that fit in your concept.

IMG_8377It can be a huge landscape or just a simple bus stop.

IMG_9347The result will depend of how much you want to work and the details.



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