IMG_8333It’s been a really long time since my last post, but here I am, This time I bringing the sweetest Nisekoi Girl, KOSAKI, this nendoroid was rereleased bacause of its high demand, like a year ago, I found it in a online store here in Mexico at a good price so i got it.

IMG_8289IMG_8291Kosaki comes with three different faceplates; a normal smiling, a embarrassed and a panicked expression,  some arms including a hand holding her promise key, an extra skirt and her bagpack.

IMG_8336IMG_8346IMG_8352Kosaki tries her best in everything she does but usually doesn’t get the results she has been expecting.

IMG_8351Onodera is a cute and shy girl from highschool, she’s in love with Raku Ichijou since she was in middle school, but never been so secure to tell him about her feelings, even she doesn’t know that he feels exactly the same but he’s also to shy to confess. They get involved in many good situations to be honest about their feelings but they’re too afraid to be regected by each other, and when Chitoge appears everything gets more complicated for them.

IMG_8341 Her smiling expression is so charming and cute, her big brown eyes steal the show as in the anime and manga, they show a sweet and kind girl that rarely gets angry.

IMG_8356IMG_8364Every nisekoi fan is divided by this childhood promise, many are TEAM CHITOGE but it seems that mostly everybody are TEAM KOSAKI.

IMG_8377IMG_8379Through the story, both girls become good friends, at the start Kosaki cares too much for Chitoge since she’s the new girl and doesn’t get friends so easily, so Onodera gets closer to Kirisaki and they have many funny and friendly moments, even when they love the same guy but they don’t know it yet.


This girl is pure cuteness and also a bunch of funny moments like her cooking skills or trying to learn to swim, always helped by her best friend Ruri Miyamoto.

I’m so excited because a Manga and comic publishing company will  distribute NISEKOI manga next month here in Mexico, finally!!!!

So hurry up KOSAKI, because the bus has just left you 😉







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