IMG_8606Almost a week since my last post, but now it’s let’s get back in the game, and this time I’m gonna play one of my all-time favorites; SUPER MARIO BROS. From this videogame comes the famous plumber and Mario´s brother, Luigi. At the beginning this character started as a second player option, but as the time passed, Luigi became quite popular as his older brother and then nintendo produced videogames with this guy as the main character.

IMG_8673IMG_8674Luigi comes with extra arms and legs, three expressions, Goomba, Bullet Bill, a pipe, his stand and dashing and jumping effects, unlike other nendoroids this one isn’t fully articulated, but what’s included in the box is pretty enough to display it in many situations.

IMG_8608Luigi is the ”Rudiculously Photogenic Guy” from the nendoroid series, I wasn’t sure enough to buy it, but last weekend I was walking around the Game Plaza, and saw it next to other nendoroids on sale, and trust me the only regret is that i didn’t buy it before.

IMG_8612Goomba the classic and beloved sentient mushroom wants to steal the spotlight

IMG_8614Watch your back Luigi, bullet Bill is behind you, now you’re surrounded by enemies.

IMG_8617It’s Luigi Time!! Did someone say Tacos?? I loved this large sized pipe, you can display Luigi everywhere.

IMG_8621You can run but you can’t escape from Goomba!!

IMG_8625Run Luigi Run!!

IMG_8627Somebody needs help


IMG_8641IMG_8643IMG_8646There are many Official Nintendo figures for sale, but none of them compare to the GSC quality and faithful sculpting work for any small detail, even the villains look adorable in nendoroid style.

IMG_8655IMG_8659A haunted Mansion, too bad Luigi didn’t bring his Poltergust 5000.

IMG_8672It started to get late, I took the last photo almost at night, So now how is Luigi gonna go back home.

I expect to get Mario soon, I wish to display them together. So, this was my post guys hope you like it, and love Luigi as mush as I do from now on, This character like Mario and many others are the amazing legacy left by Mr. Shigeru Miyamoto, I have a lot to thank to him and think everybory too. hope to make a new post soon so go on and LET’S-A GO!!!!



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