IMG_8829This is the  story about a 10 years old boy from pallet town, who was ready to leave home in order to become a pokemon master. He took his backpack and went to Prof. Oak’s lab to receive his first pokemon, his partner for the rest of his journey; NOOO!! this isn’t Ash, not today, this time the story centers around another boy called RED. The main character from the first generation of pokemon videogames.

IMG_7356The 20th anniversary Special Edition Nendoroid includes the original trainer (from the GSC 425), some arms, and extra hands, an ultraball and a greatball; also his backpack. Unlike the first nendo release, this one only comes with two expressions, (i’m really missing that smiling expression). But everything gets better being a champion, and all your starter pokemons are evolved and stronger now.

IMG_7357IMG_8809IMG_8810Red started his journey in Pallet town, walked through every single route in Kanto, defeated all eight gym leaders and fought Team Rocket. After a long journey and ready for the Indigo Leage, Red challenged all the leage champions from Lorelei to Lance and finally his all time rival Blue.

After becoming the champion, Red went back home for a while, and then he decided to leave to find mew and all new pokemons. This buddy has been training for a long time and is ready to be challenged by any trainer who feels strong enough to defeat him. With his strong Pokemons Red won’t give up so easily.

While his rival became the Viridian City Gym Leader, after Giovanni dissapeared, Red decided to go to the mountains to train, If you’re a new come champion from Johto or Kanto, and you want to prove yourself, go to Mt. Silver and the Champion will be waiting for you.

IMG_8818Charmander has reached its final evolution and now is a strong Charizard.

IMG_7369Charizard used Blast Burn!!!

IMG_8834That tiny Bulbasaur has become a big big Venusaur and can finally use Solar Beam

IMG_7364Venusaur used Frenzy Plant!!!

IMG_7362PLUS!! This amazing pokemon also uses Vine Whip, so be carfeful!

IMG_8826The catchy and lovely Squirtle isn’t a small pokemon anymore, now it is a Blastoise

IMG_7367Blastoise used Hydro Canon!!!

IMG_8816Red has trained his starters to their max level, so it won´t be ease to defeat him in battle.

IMG_8823Which Pokemon would be his first choise in battle??

IMG_8830So prepare yourself to challenge this strong pokemon champion

IMG_7372There are so many ways to pose Red, always in battle, looks like this champion is always gonna be the winner, and next to his long time partners, this is the greatest way to celebrate the Pokémon 20th birthday.

I really love my champion version, but i think this nendo really needs that extra smiling faceplate, for more scenes and poses, also, his pokedex is missing, and for some reason the pokemon company decided to change his pokeball and masterball for an great ball and ultra ball. I understand that including all three evolved pokemons with their special moves is quite alright, compared to N or Cynthia, which only include a pokemon and less body parts and expressions than other nendoroids.

IMG_8813…. A wild Lugia appeared, Red has sent charizard to battle





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