IMG_8967This is my first figma figure and I can’t regret being almost broke (just kidding) since this figure is so rare and ridiculously expensive online ( like $170USD ¥19,000). Once again, I’ve found something i like when it’s out of stock. I got into the KILL LA KILL fever too late but i’ve got this figma for my collection.

IMG_8942IMG_8945Unlike the nendoroid version of Ryuko, this figure is fully articulated and faithful to tthe character, something impossible in a nendoroid size that focuses on the chibi and cute version of the characters. Also, the figma series come with less parts and  so tiny.  Both nendoroid and figma versions of this brave girl are a Must-have.

IMG_8997The Senketsu details are awesome, and some flexible pieces allow you to manipulate the figure to get great poses from specific scenes of the main story.

IMG_8972IMG_8984IMG_8988IMG_9022Unlike other figure series, this one offers full articulation and excellent painjob, specially with the faceplates, every expression is really accurate to Matoi’s personality.

IMG_8989I really loved the detail of the front straps, that allow you to partially rotate Ryuko´s torso for more poses.

IMG_8994IMG_9008IMG_9012IMG_9013IMG_9016IMG_9018The Scissor Blade is also included as the simple form and as the decapitation mode.Talking again about Senketsu, don’t you agree that this key character got so much importance through the story and became very emotional everytime. After watching Kill la Kill i think i’ll keep my eye on TRIGGER, they’re really good.

There are only two things that really disappointed me, when i just opened the box i noticed that the blade was broken so i had to glue both pieces permanently, I can’t complain with the seller because the box was sealed and carefully packed, I think the problem was directly from the factory. And when I was out taking shots, the Senketsu Eye unstuck from the main body, i almost lose it, once again i had to glue the pieces.

Those situations really make me think twice before getting another MAX FACTORY Figma figure in the future, and knowing the removable body parts are so small and scare me quite so much every time i change them fearing that they could break . Maybe i was the unlucky one or something because the item is totally genuine and good quality, and even more disappointed because i’ve paid more than 150 Dlls for this figure.

IMG_8982IMG_9019But anyway, I enjoyed taking photos to Ryuko Chan, this toy is very small but detailed, and every pose works perfectly, makes me want to get Satsuki too. Hope you like this session and expect to post more frecuently because i don’t have enough time after work and gym, so I have to wait until weekend, but i’ll do my best and see you soon.



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