IMG_9297Now that the UK is the HEADLINE of every single newspaper, because of the Brexit referendum, leading them to exit the European Union, I was like, I wanna do something according to the theme, and there’s nothing more iconic than the London Streets, the big ben or the tower bridge. but i wasn’t gonna build a huge monument so i went easier and decided to make a simple Red Telephone Box.

The easiest  part of the work is to draw each piece in a CAD program, you don’t need to use rulers,  every part will be perfectly drawn.

IMG_9204The hardest part is this next step,  after printing the pieces you have to stick them to the final cardboard, ( I use soft glue to remove the sheet paper easily).  When you have all the parts on the cardboard you have to cut each piece carefully, there are very tiny parts so you have to be focused in order to cut them without mistakes, this is what takes most of the time, and you don’t see results and get frustrated…. ok this is me.

IMG_9203When every piece is ready, you start to see progress, and finally are ready to assemble.

IMG_9206I started by attaching the small pieces and make bigger parts before joining the whole structure.

IMG_9207When the model takes shape and it’s finally assembled, now you can finish with the color or materials you like, in this case i used RED PAINT on spray. I did’t take photos to the cabin’s roof but I made it with the same cardboard and a piece of Styrofoam ball.

IMG_9208So this is the final result, i was really satisfied with this model, when i start a small project like this, i lose the sense of time, it took me half a day to make it, and after it was built, all i had to do was to take a lot of shots with my fav nendoroids.

IMG_9337Chitoge and Kosaki-chan are the first users, maybe they’re calling Raku.

IMG_9344Umaru-Chan is too lazy to walk home, so she called her brother to pick her up.

IMG_9347Mako’s familly moved to London after that Honnō City sank into the Tokyo Bay next to the Honnouji Academy.

So this was my proccess, hope you like, and see ya soon



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