IMG_9217Finally here, one of my most wished nendoroids has finally arrived today, Mankanshoku Mako in nendoroid size now in my colection. I know that this figure was released a long long time ago and now is ridiculously expensive as Satsuki and Ryuko, but i’ve got the chance, now I just need the other girls.

IMG_9210This funny and brave girl was the first reason i decided to watch KILL LA KILL, she’s always so optimistic and never gives up; always cheering up Ryuko, Mako saves the day many times in the story.

IMG_9225Mako is always cheering Ryuko to be more easygoing, since only ryuko can hear senketsu words, Mako thinks she’s too shy to talk to anyone, so she encourages her to feel more confident in her family.

IMG_8937IMG_8940This nendoroid comes with 4 face expressions, my fav is her sleepy face nothing is better than that. some body parts, a bowl full of croquettes and lovable Guts (gattsu).

IMG_9271With her faithful representation you can makes full scenes of mako giving her positive speech (I LOVE THIS PART)

IMG_9287IMG_9292The sleepy Mako in every serious situation

IMG_9303Mako excited, jumping to Ryuko’s arms (NOW I NEED RYUKO NENDOROID SO BAD)

IMG_9247Right now, this nendoroid is pretty expensive, once again I noticed these figures were released too late.

IMG_9218My next goals are Ryuko and Satsuki Nendoroids, later I’ll do my best to get Satsuki Figma and Mako Fight club spec. Nendoroid, but by now, i’ll enjoy taking photos to Mankanshoku and her lovely Guts.




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