IMG_9634The most anticipated NENDOROIDS ever for the Pokemon 20th anniversary, I remember being so mad because GSC didn’t allow western pokefans to pre order these figures directly from its website and only was available for Japan, China, S. Korea and other Asian countries. The Pokemon center gave licence restrictions for these nendos because in America was announced another version for the fans, THE RED CHAMPION.

I had to search on ebay for the item, and found it with my fave seller (GUNGUNUPUP) and have been waiting for months until the release date and a week for the package to arrive, but it’s finally here, with both RED and GREEN (BLUE for America and Europe) Ash and Gary for those clueless who only remember the first season.

IMG_9643Both characters are like a time machine for those who’ve been following pokemon since the beginning, I still have the original japanese GAMEBOY catridges and specially the yellow version.

IMG_9645The tiny Mew completes the set, Red and Green are very expressive, the sculptors caught the escence from the original characters, RED’s hat has that ribbon faithfully painted, as well as GREEN’s t-shirt. Mew is articulated and has its own base. Both guys have less body parts than other Pokemon Nendoroids, but I can say that this set is as awesome as NENDOROID POKEMON TRAINER RED: CHAMPION VERSION, now with these trainers every pokemon fan can recreate the first pokemon battles ever in nendoroid size.

IMG_9647IMG_9649I will never forget the first time I played pokemon RED, and my starter was a charmander, the whole thing is caught in this photo. My favourite trainer is ready to challenge the elite four.

IMG_9651IMG_9653My first pokemon game was BLUE, I trained my squirtle until lvl 100, I loved this game because here you are BLUE or Gary, Choosing Squirtle is the easiest way to get to the pokemon leage, because water type pokemons are stronger than almost any other type.

It’s impossible to deny that GREEN makes reference to Gary Oak, the grandson of Proffessor Oak, the arrogant and bragging trainer who always goes a step forward from Ash.

IMG_9662IMG_9663This is the final battle from Pokemon GREEN, RED and BLUE, after you defeat Lance, you have to challenge your all-time rival because he became CHAMPION before you, so both trainers face each other and battle to finally prove who’s the ultimate and unique POKEMON MASTER.

After the leage and becoming a Master, RED went to train harder and find new pokemons, and GREEN became the Viridian Gym Leader.

IMG_9675But Green always finds time to chill, and enjoy a nice afternoon with the girls and his pokemons.IMG_9683Sometimes he likes to travel through new regions with his cheerleaders, who support him in every battle, like  Gary Oak.

IMG_9684So this was my time with RED and GREEN, i’ve been kinda bussy, that’s why i haven’t made a post in the last weeks, hope to make a new one soon, but for now i’m just gonna say ”SMELL YA LATER”





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