IMG_9849Hello guys, since I met Mako, i fell in love with her, she’s always so funny and kind, she’s the most optimistic girl in the anime, no one has that bravery even when the circunstances are the worst. Mako can do anything and these photos prove it so well.

There are many things I love, like anime, manga, videogames, and pop music too, I’m a Britney’s fan since I was 9, when she released her first single ever, from then, i’ve been following her and her music.

I’ve been wondering how  a Britney Spears nendoroid would look like, and if you think Mako is a good candidate of how the pop princess would be in a nendo size, both girls have those deep brown eyes, that blond-brown hair, and both are remembered for using a school uniform.

I been thinking about how to recreate the epic BABY ONE MORE TIME video, but none of my other nendoroid look like britney as much as Mako, so I focused on the first video scenes.

Using some pieces of fabric and hair extensions, I customized Mako to look like the pop princess.

IMG_9833IMG_9835The start waiting for the time for reccess, while Britney waits impatiently, Mako just is taking a nap.

IMG_9837IMG_9841After the last class, begins the real show.

IMG_9843Mako’s loneliness isn’t killing her at least after she met Ruyko Chan.

IMG_9846When Mako isn’t with her girl she loses her mind, that seems so trueee!!!

IMG_9847So now you know Mako’s new school, after Honno city. I wonder how Ryuko and Satsuki would look dressed as a Lollitas like Mankanshoku.



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