IMG_0122This figure is one of those wich i didn’t pay much attention until it was released and saw everybody having it. I like Zelda videogames since its gameplay is quite similar to pokemon, RPG and puzzles everywhere, but never been a huge fan of the franchise. Anyway I was walking around a local videogame and figures store, and suddenly saw it for sale. This was a nice deal because I didn’t have to pay shipping a wait for it.

IMG_0115IMG_0116Majora’s Mask Videogame is one of Zelda’s most famous videogames, and celebrating its release for the nintendo 3DS console, GSC brings to us this amazing nendo. In addition to my purchase, I decided to make my Own Moon approaching to the earth.

IMG_0118The set includes Link in his YOUNGER version, his fairy companion TATL, many amazing accesories like the Bunny Hood, his most famous masks Deku, Goron, Zora and obviously a bigger sized Majora’s mask. Link comes equipped with his kokiri sword and hero’s shiled, and if he’s injured don’t worry because our Hylian buddy has a bottle of red potion.

IMG_0123IMG_0124Link is ready to fight, i’m so impressed by the shield’s detail it’s amazing, Link’s sword is awesome but i have to point the fact that it can be disassembled and it’s a very dangerous feature because the joints are very tiny and it could break easily.

IMG_0128Link next to his fairy mate TATL, is ready to transform into Deku Scrub.

IMG_0130Now link wears his goron mask which possesses the spirit of Darmani in it.

IMG_0132The Zora Mask not only allows Link to transform into Mikau’s body, but it also gives him the ability to swim and dive underwater.

IMG_0142Link has to hurry and awake the Giants to stop the moon from crashing into Termina.

IMG_0144Being a hero always causes injuries, but Link has with him a bottle of Red Potion so come what may he’ll be ready for anything.

IMG_0147IMG_0149Link now will run faster and jump long distances thanks to his bunny hood.

IMG_0150IMG_0151IMG_0152The doom of being possessed by an evil spirit consumes your own being.

IMG_0184IMG_0237Link seems fine with the mass destruction that is getting closer.

IMG_0254Luckily, our hylian hero wins the batlle and the earth is peaceful again.

IMG_0256So, this was my day with Link, i wasn’t sure enough to buy it, but now, i’m more than satisfied that i’ve got it, this nendo is unique, and its accessories are fully detailed and awesome, compared to toon link, this is way better by much. So i hope to make a new post soon, until then, just relax and have a nice week.


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