IMG_0463Hello guys, this time is Ryuko’s time, I can’t believe that i’ve found a great deal on ebay to get this really wanted and high priced NENDOROID. I mean, you know that i’m new in this thing of collecting and taking shots to figures, specially nendos, and you may agree with me that many of the most awesome characters and sets are those from the 400-499, like the KILL LA KILL, NISEKOI, POKEMON AND VOCALOID SERIES, right now most of them are really expensive and very hard to find like my previous NENDOROID 425 (link here).

IMG_0461IMG_0462Matoi includes 3 different expressions, her standard face, a shouting for fight and her funny angry embarrased faceplate, even her uniform has tow different expressions. The box also includes her famous scissor blade and her guitar case, some extra hands are included too. The stickers look so cute but i don’t wanna use them, well, maybe one.

IMG_0465Ryuko is the main character from the Kill la Kill anime, the rude girl who’s loking for answers regarding her fathers death, on her way she meets Mako, her beloved friend, and Satsuki Kiryuin, her rival at the begining and personally their links at the end of the story was so awesome.

IMG_0470IMG_0467IMG_0471This toy right now is online for sale starting at more than 100 bucks, and i got mine for less than 50.

IMG_0474This figure focuses on Senketsu’s normal form, before transformation, a typical schoolgirl uniform. If you´re looking for a hotter version of Ryuko Matoi, showing her almost naked body VISIT MY  FIGMA 220 RYUKO MATOI.

IMG_0475IMG_0476IMG_0478IMG_0484To revenge and discover the secrets behind her father’s death, Ryuko holds her Scissor Blade

IMG_0490IMG_0491There’s no better scene than seeing Mako and Ryuko together, they are the perfect couple.

IMG_0496While taking shots to Ryuko, once again I was cursed by GSC, if you already read my Ryuko’s Figma Post before, you noticed that i had problems with senketsu’s eye piece which broke from the main body. Well this time happened exacly the same but in nendoroid size and i had to use superglue again UNLUCKY ME :(.

The problem here, i think, is that i’m buying figures that were released more than a year ago, and i’m too proud to buy them second-hand, and get them brand new and sealed, and when a figure spends a lot of time stored without moving or cganging its pieces, sometimes they stick so hard that when you remove them (specially tiny pieces) they separate. So in the future i’ll consider to get second-hand and good condition nendoroids that were released a lot of time before.

IMG_0499After a nice day of Photoshootting, Ryuko and Mako are tired and they only wannarelax and sleep well, now, Mako is always safe thanks to her beloved freind who wil always protect her




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