IMG_0661 1Hello guys, it’s been a week since my last post, this time i’m doing a review of this cute character in Nendoroid size; SAKURA KINOMOTO. This pretty 10 years old girl who accidentally released the clow cards and helped by KERO, she must find all the cards, collect them after sealing them again.

IMG_0659IMG_0660This set includes a lot of accesories like many handgloves, two extra ribbons, her wings, her sealing wand and an alternate version of it to display her flying, 3 different flaceplates, a clow card and KERO BEROS.

I wanted to do something special for this nendoroid so i made some sakura branches to make a nice setup. (Hey, Mako tested all every sakura petal to ensure its quality)

IMG_0663This is one of those nendoroids I’ve ever wanted but wasn’t sure enough. One day i found it in a local store, but the only remaining had a very damaged box, (nothing that glue can’t fix) and got it cheaper because of that, knowing that the box was sealed.

IMG_0665 copyI can tell that this is one of the cutest nendoroids ever, full of details and accessories. Sakura’s hat is attached to her head by a magnet (that’s genius) it doesn’t fall and you can remove it easily.

IMG_0669 copyI love her deep green eyes and this tiny sealing wand, her outfit is so cute and Kero chan is so accurate. Her hand holding an attached clowcard helps so much because you don’t have to place small pieces that could get lost.

IMG_0676IMG_0672 copyIMG_0673 copyClow card!! I command you to return to your power confine!!

The special base included helps you to recreate the most memorable scenes from the series.

IMG_0679 copyThis shot might be the hardest one, I’ve already read somewhere that this is the biggest figure’s issue, her second lower torso, it doesn’t fit as the first, everytime I tried to put it together with her upper body and the special wand, it used to fall, for some reason the sculptors didn’t make both lower body pieces equally. It was getting late and after many many many tries this was the only decent photo i’ve got.

IMG_0683IMG_0680 copyHey look, a Pink Ponny, Sakura is really amazed.

IMG_0667So this was my day with SAKURA KINOMOTO, so expressive and sweet like her name as well. This nendoroid has many qualities like her accessories functionallity, none of them are broken or damaged like previous nendoroids. This is a very loved character from my childhood, every detail was faithfully made.

The only issue i’ve found is her second lower torso, it’s almost impossible to display her with those pieces.

In few words, this nendoroid is a must-have for any anime and manga fan, knowing that maybe there will be a re release of her manga (i’m screaming)

You get a lovely figure for many beautiful shots, so hope you like these photos.





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