Hello guys, i’ve been very inactive these days, it is so hard for me to get free time after work and gym, but right now, I had time to take some photos to my new nendoroid Mario.

img_0995This nendo is so spectacular, full of accessories and faceplates. Something different from Mario and Luigi to other nendoroids is that both brothers look as cute and realistic as a scene from a 3d videogame, they fit perfectly with any background.

img_1023Mario comes with a mushroom, some bricks, a coin (if you preordered from the beginning it would have 2 more coins) and two enemies, buzzy Beettle and Boo, some pieces to use the background included and 3 different face expressions.

img_1026img_1028Mario looks so happy in his new town, he’s wondering if he’ll find new princesses to rescue.

img_1030img_1035It’s a bird… It’s a plane… It’s SUPERMARIO. I had to recreate this pose from my favourite SNES videogame.

img_1036Mario found a Super Mushroom, I think he really needs it because even tho he’s so cute, he’s actually so short.

img_1037Run , run, Mario!!! before it goes away.

img_1038What doesn´t kill you, makes you stronger, even if you’re surrounded by enemies. (I love his angry face)

dsc_0005Both brothers together, they look awesome (this is my first shoot taken with a DSRL camera) Hope to get better results in the future, and leaving behind the iphone camera)

dsc_0008Hey, are you a princess?? we’re here to rescue you.

Well, this was my time with Mario, the greatest videogame character from of all time. Hope you like the photos and enjoy as much as I did.




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