dsc_0013Hello Guys, this is a special post for me because today is September the 16th, in México, we celebrate the INDEPENDENCE DAY. Unlike America, we celebrate a day before at midnight with music, parades, and fireworks. This time, my friends Mario and Luigi joined the party, and today they’re dressed like CHARROS, a typical Mexican outfit.

dsc_0014dsc_0016There are no Charros without cute girls near them, Mario and Luigi act like gentlemen to impress the girls.

dsc_0018But when someone tries to steal Mario’s girl, everything changes and the gentleman is gone and the troubles begin.

dsc_0022I’m proud of being mexican, even if we’re having a lot of problems and our president isn’t what people expected, we’re full of culture and traditions, there are many awesome places to visit here in México, and our cuisine is the best (well, i think so).

Being Mexican is like having the biggest spirit ever, we can rise our hourts higher than any border wall, and we aren’t that kind of monsters and menace that Thrump says.

So join with me to this big celebration, hope you like the photos and see ya soon



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