dsc_0038These days I’ve been so motivated taking photos with my new camera, i’m so excited by this big change, and I’ve been trying some ideas indoor and outdoor. Last weekend, I’ve got my Mario Nendoroid by mail, and since then, I think i’ve been very creative looking for ideas to take some photos, So this time I wanted to recreate that feeling when I finally get the nendoroid I’ve been waiting for days, or even weeks, and how it feels to  have it.

dsc_0039The first good feeling happens when you open the box and see all the pieces, and start thinking of many possibilities. Personally, I  watch video reviews on youtube after I order a figure, so I can be sure about what to expect from the product, and become more excited for my purchase, When I open the box and remove the plastic from the figure, I know it is time to take some photos.

dsc_0036Usually, I go out with my new figures to take some shoots, especially every sunday afternoon, when the sun is setting and the city lights are turning on, I find this daytime very romantic.

dsc_0034I don’t have much time being a figure photographer, I remember the first day I decided to take some photos outside, I was very shy and scared, feeling like everybody were looking at me and saying “hey aren’t you old enough to be still playing with those toys”, but now i feel more confident and that’s because I know that there are many people doing the same, and they feel as satisfied as i do everytime I finish each photography project.

dsc_0033After a day of photoshoot, everybody deserves a break to rest a eat some snacks.

dsc_0040When you start your own collection, you feel great because, this is a wonderful hobby, and no matter how much money and time you spend, it’s totally worth it!!

dsc_0041After a day of photoshoot, I like to watch my results and I go to bed so excited to have got nice photos and very unpatient to post them on my blog and instagram.

So this was my personal explanation about how it feels to get a new figure, I have some nendoroids in my collection, and some of them are my favorite but I always try to find ideas to take them all outside and take  some pics, Umaru is one of my top 5, she’s so cute and funny. So how do you feel when you get a new figure?? what’s the first thing you do?? Have you ever spent a lot of money buying one??

For now this is the end, but I’d like to read your comments and hope you like the photos



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