dsc_0050Fear is freedom! Subjugation is liberation! Contradiction is truth! Those are the facts of this world! And you will all surrender to them, you pigs in human clothing!


img_1657Satsuki come with her confident cold expression, a shouting fierce expression, her sheated and unsheated beloved BAKUZAN, some arms and a special base.

dsc_0064YAAAZ QUEEN!!! The president of Honouji Academy’s student council is here, with her enigmatic cold, calculating and intelligent personality. You start hating her but at the same time admire her for her patient mood and smart comments through the story, and in the end, you just love her more and more.

dsc_0062dsc_0061dsc_0059(Have I told you how much I love this Satsuki’s expression???)

dsc_0088I’m so happy  now that i have Satsuki, Mako and Ryuko together, that I’ve built my own honnouji academy, I spent likie 4 hours making it, sadly this weekend i had no time to take more photos to it, so in the future I hope to give it more use.

dsc_0092They’re fighting without knowing they’re sisters.

dsc_0091Once again, i´m getting a product that is no longer available from in the GSC online store, and its price has gone too high. Sadly I couldn´t find a cheaper new one, so this is my first second-hand nendoroid, i hope for the future get my own fave figures directly from the Goodsmile company website. I bought it on Ebay from an US seller that told me he briefly displayed the figure so i was ok for the price, instead of paying more than $150.00 USD for a figure. This nendo looks like new, so i’m ok with the purchase, now Satsuki-Sama is one of my favorite nendoroids.

img_1667“The masses… fools all. They’re pigs in human clothing, domesticated by the establishment. They must be governed.”

img_1668“Behold the power of Honnouji Academy”

img_1669This was my weekend at Honnouji Academy with its strong and wise students president SATSUKI KIRYUIN, this nendoroid is now one of my favorite, now I want to watch KILL LA KILL again. Hope you like the photos and see ya soon.



    1. hey muchas gracias, sí fue muy tardado encontrar a las 3 ya que ahorita son muy costosas, quería hacer algo especial para Satsuki jaja, gracias por tu comentario y qué bien que te haya gustado :3


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