dsc_0180The Halloween spirit is already here, two weeks before the day when everybody makes a nice costume. If you ask me I have no idea about what i’m gonna wear that night.

dsc_0181This time, I wanted to make a little tribute to my favorite  witch ever, KIKI the thriteen years old trainee witch, who leaves home to start her journey with her friend jiji. She moves to a new city where she meets some awesome friends like Osono, the owner of a bakery where she works sometimes and lives in her house’s attic. She’s constantly pursued by a curious boy called Tombo who wants to be her friend from the beginning, and after she loses her ability to fly with her broom and no longer undestand jiji, She takes some days off to rest and visit Ursula, a painter who helps her to recover her confindence and to get back to do the things Kiki loves.

dsc_0182This was my first Studio Ghibli Movie ever, I remember I was 9 when i first watched it, and I loved the story, the animation and the places.

dsc_0185I had the idea of turning my sweet KOSAKI-CHAN into KIKI, since they both look so similar, white skin, dark brown hair and those beautiful eyes, and now that Halloween is coming this was the perfect moment. The little pumpkim and jiji were made minutes before going out to take the photos.

dsc_0184I’m a huge Hayao Miyazaki’s movies fan, and I enjoy so much recreating some scenes from my favorite movies of him, like this, totoro and Spirited away. So I´ll be posting more shots like these soon.

dsc_0187Well, that’s all for today, my little friend is ready to deliver some packages before it gets too late, and for sure, she is as excited as i am because of halloween.




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