dsc_0269Here it it guys, the nendoroid i’ve been wishing for years, the epic RED TRAINER, originally released in September 2014, almost two years later i’ve finally got my own. 400% more expensive but doesn’t matter, because this is the reason why I discovered the NENDOROID universe, at first I just wanted to have this figure but now I’m a huge fan of the nendoroid series.

dsc_0253This Nendoroid is unique, unlike other pokemon nendoroids, this one brings nostalgia to anyone who’s been following Pokémon from the 90’s, because this figure set includes the 3 lovable starters from the first videogames/cartoon. When you own the 425 nendoroid you’re taken to those years when you used to play any RED/BLUE/YELLOW versions and you discovered how a pokeDex work, or maybe the day when you had to choose which creature would be your partner for the rest of the adventure.

dsc_0265This set includes RED with 3 different face expressions, Charmander, Bulbasaur and Squirtle. This is the only trainer with both pokeball and masterball, as well as a pokedex.

dsc_0266Comparing this one and THE CHAMPION VERSION, I can tell that this is better for many reasons; first, RED by itself is more emotional thanks to his cute smiling faceplate; second, the starters are the perfect size to pose next to their owner and none of the MONCOLLE series are this cute; and finally some accesories as the pokedex and the masterball are only included in this package. The Champion version is only better than the standard because of the final evolutions of the starters and their move effects.

dsc_0272I love RED’s smiling expression and his 3 partners, I wanted to catch the essence of what it means having this nendoroid, and my idea was to build a Scale Pallet Town, so I made RED a Tiny house (just for background) and then display them all together.

dsc_0274Seems like RED found a rare pokemon, but for some reason his pokédex doesn´t recognize it.

dsc_0279It is time to test RED’s team by fighting a wild pokémon. So this was my time with RED and his friends, after 2 months I finally decided to open the box and take him out for some shots, this is by far my favourite nendoroid, and because of it I started collecting figures.


dsc_0271IMG_7372So if you had to choose between NENDOROID 425 and NENDOROID POKEMON TRAINER RED: CHAMPION VERSION, whcih one would you pick?? Cuteness or Awesomeness









  1. Yo me quedo con lo mono que es Red con su cara de felicidad y aunque Blastoise me encante, me quedo con la versión del Nendoroid 425, sin evoluciones finales, sin efectos de movimientos, pero al fin y al cabo, mucho más completo en cuanto al Nendoroid en sí, con más accesorios dando posibles poses que la versión Champion no te permite, por eso tengo el 425 en casa y fue de los primeros que tuve.

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    1. Sí, cuando compré el champion, creía que compensaría el no haber comprado el 425 en su momento, pero aunque ese pack trae a las 3 evoluciones articuladas, RED se queda muy corto con sólo 2 caras y sin el pokedex ni la masterball, los move effects de los pokémon están chidos pero le restan realismo a la hora de las fotos, y pues la cara sonriente de RED con sus 3 starters es la cosa más mona del mundo :3


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