Hello guys, after a few weeks of getting this adorable nendoroid, Marika Tachibana, since I first watched Nisekoi anime, I fell in love with her, so clueless and adorable girl, even if she isn’t the protagonist of the story, Marika is a key character and always brings funny moments to any situation.

The Nendoroid is very complete, including 4 faceplates, some arms, her promise key. So, there’s no doubt that right now this nendoroid is so rare and expensive.

Since she’s a ginger cute girl, and I recently watched the movie of QUEEN ELIZABETH I, i wanted to do something special, by using this nendoroid and turn Marika into a English Queen, and all her expressions matched perfectly. I like mixing different figures, specially Nendoroids and Playmobil.

This short story is about the proccess of making portraits for the royalty in the Middle Age and Renaissance, The Queen poses for a Portrait and the artist paints on a canvas.

Marika looks so excited for her new portrait, maybe she’ll hang it in the great hall or in her royal bedroom.

The result isn’t what Tachibana expected, she doesn’t look as kawaii as she wanted, the poor and unlucky artists fears that maybe he’ll be sentenced to die on the gallows.

The queen isn’t an evil at all, so she’ll keep the painting just if her artist take her a picture next to her portrait to upload it on instagram.

So this was my short story, hope you like it, and love Marika-Chan as much as i do :3



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