Hello Guys, today I’m gonna show you my last toy acquisition, THE MYSTERY MACHINE, last weekend I saw this treasure at the mall, so I knew I wanted it from the first second. I like legos but i’m not a big collector of these figures, well that’s what I thought before but now I think I like them quite too much.

The box by itself is so gorgous, there’s only one big problem with the set, and this is that Velma and Daphne are not included and I think that they’re not sold separately so I’ll have to buy a bigger lego set.

3 different packages full of tiny pieces, this has been my weakness since I was a kid, now my inner kid enjoys unboxing all kind of toys.

The first bag includes all the pieces to assemble the lower part of the mystery machine, Shaggy and scooby as well.

The second bag includes Fred, (the handsome Fred I love him even if he’s as tiny as my pinkie XD. Seriously, all the accessories included are so awesome, two laps, a camera, the tabloid, a Sandwich, there’s no need for anything else (beside the girls).

The Machine is ready, but where is the mystery to solve by the way?

The sinister tree is great, and that zombie, wish I could find dozens of zombies like this, I just dreamed of many shots and stories with this little guy.

Finally, I found a nice Lookout location to pose my new friends, sunset and city lights are perfect for Scooby, Shaggy and Fred to find clues and uncover ghosts and monsters.

My hometown will be safe from now on, no more Ghosts or monsters scaring people. So this was my time with these fellas, hope you’ve had a nice weekend and see ya soon.


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