dsc_0438It’s officially December, the winter seems to be on the corner, the cold weather surrounds every city from the northern hemisphere, and it is time to enjoy the beginning of the Holidays.

dsc_0417There’s no one who enjoys the winter more than Miku, the virtual diva who every year prepares a cute season themed outfit for her fans all around the world. This time i’m showing you my first snow miku, “magical snow version”released in 2014 next to her lovely rabbit Yukine.

dsc_0413A few months ago I had that dilemma, I wanted to get my first Miku ever, but I didn’t know if I wanted the 2014 or the 2016 version, both nendoroids are so cute and awesome full of accesssories, but the MAGICAL GIRL caught my eyes because its design is unique, different to previous and the last releases.

dsc_0409Yesterday I went to my favourite park to take some photos, but the day was so cold, a few miles away there was snowing but not here, I live in a desert city where sometimes rains but we rarely see snow.


dsc_0416The day was so cold and it was late afternoon so I didn’t have time to take many outdoor photos so I had to make a simple setup and made some props. The tiny spell book is so adorable, this nendoroid comes with a lot of accessories and everything is so beautifuldsc_0410Bringing magic to the winter, Miku is waiting for the first snow flake of the season.

dsc_0412This nendoroid was released more than two years ago, Once again it’s to hard to find and quite expensive to get, because it was out of stock so quickly, so right now there are tons of bootleg figures for sale everywhere.

dsc_0431So here she is, looking for the right spell to bring those snowmen to life.

dsc_0427After Miku read the full instructions, is time to cast the spell.

dsc_0437And here they are smiling and full of glee, there’s only one question, how will Mike name her two buddies.

So this was my magical experience with Miku and Yukine, hope you’ll enjoy this winter season as much as I do, we’re just 20 days away from christmas so happy holidays anticipated, and hope you’ll like the photos




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