dsc_0456it’s been a while since my last post, but today I’ll show you my last addition to my collection, the lovely Tomoyo Daidouji from Sakura Cardcaptors.This is one of those nendoroids that i´ve seen for months at the same local store, and nobody bought it until i decided to do it, seems like it was meant for me, I like to think that way, If you already have  NENDOROID 400: CARDCAPTOR SAKURA, this cute girl is obviously necessary in your collection.

dsc_0459Unlike other nendoroids, this one has a few accessories only 6 arms, 3 faces, her hat and a hat addition for sakura, but this figure is totally worth it.

dsc_0460This is my favourite expression, Tomoyo looks so amazed, specially when Sakura is near.

dsc_0481Every scene and battle against a clow card will be recorded by Tomoyo. Both girls look amazing together. Seriously, these girls are the cuttest.

dsc_0464We all need a break to enjoy with our friends a nice sunset with coffeee and muffins.

dsc_0482When Sakura isn’t sealing clow cards, she atends to school like a normal girl.

dsc_0485So this was my great afternoon with Tomoyo, this nendoroid doesn´t need many accessories to be awesome, as the character, this figure is so beautiful and full of charm, enjoying my city view, I took som more Tomoyo’s photos but those are prepared for a different post so wait for it.

Hope you like this photoshot and see ya soon


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