It was a peaceful day in the mushroom kingdom, Princess Peach was safe, and there were no signs of Bowser around, everything was right.Suddenly, an well known Mario’s enemy appeared, It was Wario, looking for trouble, Inmediately he started messing with the guys, but Mario and Luigi weren’t quite sure about Wario’s intentions so they faced him bravely.Luigi was the first fallen hero, but Mario was still fighting and wondering what was Wario’s plan, maybe he wanted to turn Mushroom Kingdom into the new Wario Land. Whatever Wario wanted, Mario wouldn’t stop defending his friends no matter how many fireballs it took.Wario’s real intentions were to kidnap Mario and keep him away from his friends, withot a reason. Right now, the Mushroom Kingdom is a vulnerable place, and Luigi is the only hope.






Hello guys, it’s been a while since my last post, I’ve been bussy as hell but I’ve got time to make this short short story, some outdoor shots since I bought this funny Wario figure. Wish this year, to have more free time to take photos and hope you’ll like them






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