dsc_0638Hello, it’s me, haven’t posted something in the last two weeks, that’s because this year i haven’t had enough time to take photos, because of the cold weather. This time I decided to show you one of my christmas gifts; Nozomi, I think everyone knows her, almost every single IG friend i have bought this nendoroid because of her main accessory, that’s right, her motorcycle.

dsc_0669The box includes Nozomi with a standard smiling expression, two extra arms to hold the grips, an extra hand with a cheerio, a lower body to sit her on the motrcycle, an extra head with a helmet and a celebrating expression, a beautiful small motrcycle with a removable sidecar and two pieces to adapt some nendoroids into the sidecar as well.

dsc_0642She looks so gorgeous riding her motorcycle, I really love this lookout location, specially at sunsets because the light turns a little red and the city night lights are perfect for background.

dsc_0644There’s nothing better than a tasty bottle of Cheerio when you’re thirsty.

dsc_0664It’s starting to get late, but Nozomi likes to stare every city sunset and city lights before she leaves.

Well, this was my time with Morimoto, the day was so cold but the sky was so clear, I think I love this kind of views from my hometown, hope yopu’ll like these few shots.



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