dsc_0692First February post, got this beauty by mail last friday, and I can’t be happier, Luluco-Chan is one of my 2016’s wished nendoroids. This 13 year old girl caught my eye after watching KILL LA KILL, and obviously this character is so similar to MAKO MANKANSHOKU both clueless yet optimistic girls who defend their friends and loved ones.

dsc_0758The box includes 3 different expressions, which fit perfectly with any nendoroid, a patrol light, a trolley, her father’s  quarter pounder, a special frozen keiji papercraft and some body parts to recreate the most famous scenes from the story.

dsc_0703Poor Luluco, her dad is frozen now she must take him to the Police Office, seriously, I think I watched all chapters in less than 2 hours and I really felt so identified with her.

dsc_0695Even after being Chopped up, Keiji still can give wise advices to her daughter.


dsc_0713That tiny Patrol Light is everything, seems like Luluco has found suspicious aliens ’round here.

dsc_0718Oh Look a Meteorite!!! Could it be AΩ Nova inside that space rock????

dsc_0722No matter the situation, Luluco takes everything under control, she’s the best space officer.

dsc_0755Family time, watching Ogikubo city lights

dsc_0756I had a day off so decided to go out and take a few shots, sadly the day was so windy and couldn’t get the results I wanted, hope you’ll like these Luluco shots.


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