POKÉMON DAY ( @pokemon #pokemonday )

It all started on February 27 1996 in Japan, when a 10 years old boy named RED decided to be a pokemon trainer, he left his hometown in order to become a master, he said goodbye to his mom and wnt to Proffessor Oak’s lab to get his first ever pokémon. Besides him, another boy wanted to be a pokemon master too, his name was GREEN (jp) or BLUE (us), he’s proffessor Oak’s grandson, who’s been RED’s all-time rival. both kids got their first partner to train it and battle every challenger in KANTO.The rivality between RED and GREEN started in Pallet Town where both guys are from, and ended at the INDIGO PLATEAU league where GREEN became a Champion before RED, who had to challenge him finally to get the ultimate pokemon champion title.There have been many versions and sotries about these guys but the message is always the same; train hard and never give up. RED has become one of the most iconic characters from the franchise and will always be remembered as the first ever league champion.dsc_0788Through all these 21 years different stories have been told in the Pokémon Universe, we’ve traveled to many regions, one of those is called UNOVA, where the bad guys looked good and tried to take control of the world using pokémon. NATURAL HARMONIA GROPIUS aka N, is the Leader of Team Plasma, being the main trainer’s antagonist in Pokémon B&W, and the Leader of Ex-Team Plasma, becoming the trainers ally.dsc_0791N has a special link with nature, since he was a orphan kid raised by pokémon, he can even communicate with pokemon and uderstand them. This is the main reason N got some weird and radical ideas about humans and pokémon, wishing to separate both worlds and keep pokémon away from humans.dsc_0793Reshiram is N’s partner, and they are in harmony to keep UNOVA safe from Team Plasma’s attempts to control this region.dsc_0795Even Legendary Pokémon trust N, who loves the nature and wild places.dsc_0834N will make new friend wherever he’ll go.dsc_0809Back in 1996, the origins took place in KANTO, where a young boy called RED found accidentally a rare pokémon never seen in real life, only known by legends, this creature was Mew, a pokémon thought to be extinct. Since that day RED decided he wanted to be a pokémon master and batlle every single trainer on his way, to become the best master of all time.dsc_0812In order to discover new pokémon, every champion must travel around the world and visit different regions. Some species even unknown await for trainers. RED knew it after defeating the ELITE FOUR, that the journey had just begun that day.dsc_0816The joy of discovering new species and types of pokémon is to catch them, new members to the team will help trainers to become stronger and defeat every GYM LEADER whererver they’ll go.dsc_0832For every Trainer a full team is like a crew, like a familly, they help each other and travel together. When a trainer’s party is complete, he’s ready to challenge anyone and has more chances to win every battle, all they need is love, and to be healed in the nearest Pokémon Center.

Well, this was my kind of tribute to my favorite franchise ever, the stories, the gameplay, verything has changed my childhood and like many others I still enjoy playnn g pokemon and get so happy when new generations are announced.

So hope you’ll like my post, and see ya soon.


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