Hello Guys, been quite inactive these days, two weeks ago I got this beauty nendoroid by the mail, MY FIRST LOVELIVE girl, I fear it’s not gonna be the last, Hanayo Koizumi.

img_4272I just noticed that the figure’s box is smaller than other nendos, It has enough accessories and expressions, you know, look at this sweet girl, there’s no need for more.

dsc_0893I first chose Hanayo because she looks like one of my favorite pokémon characters, Serena, which personally, would’ve been awesome in nedoroid size, even better than Lillie, but anyway I’ll eventually get her too.

I made Hanayo a custom Red hat and a tiny vest to make her look like Serena, specially at the last part of Pokemon XYZ season, I wanted to change her lovely purple eyes for a blue eyed faceplate but she looks cute that way.

dsc_0897Her competitive team ready for battles or perfornances around Kalos

dsc_0900Seems like Serena found a wild pokemon, she can’t escape but she doesn’t want to hurt it, what a dilemma!!!

dsc_0892Here She is on the Route 19’s bridge, before going to Snowbelle City, ready for her last Gym Badge.

I love how cute look the school idols in nendoroid size, Hanayo is so beautiful, my next goal is to get Rin, Kotori and all the girls, but by now this is my only LL nendo. Hope you’ll like these shots and I’ll be uploading another review soon.


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