From the KONOSUBA series comes the Goddess Aqua, selfish and sumetines useless girl, but usually funny. This nendoroid arrived to my door last February but didn’t have time to open it until last week. This is one of those figures faithfully converted into nendoroid size.

Although i’m not a big fan of the story, Aqua Nendo recreates the basic escence of its character.

The goddess of water and hr little apprentice Popplio are ready to rule this place with their powers.

Her mean attitude about others and sometimes braggy personality is what brings her most trouble.

There’s no need to say STOP BULLYING here, ’cause there could be consequences.

At the end of every episode, all problems are solved, but something happens because of Aqua so a new trouble starts.

Aqua’s famous trick is so adorable, but all these tiny pieces are so hard to keep together and so easy to be lost, I just used them once and kept them safe again in the box

Another Aqua’s special power is the ability of saving the souls of the undead and put them in rest forever, only a gorgeous goddess like Aqua could do that

Even Boo is resting in peace right now after the conjuration.

After a long and hard mission, Aqua returns home with some money that surely will spend in alcohol and food with her friends.

This was my Aqua’s express review, this nendo is so cute by itself with the right accessories and expressions, The KOSUBA second season just ended a few weeks ago and GSC announced a MEGUMIN nendoroid which I already preordered, and Darkness is gonna be on nendoroid size too, so there’s gonna be more KONOSUBA hype this year.

Hope you’ll like these photos and see you the next time.


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