Hello guys, it’s been a while since my last post, today I had time to take some shots, and this time is Osomatsu Matsuno’s turn, the oldest brother of the Matsuno family.

Osomatsu-San is a story of the most famous Sextuplets, they all NEETs who always try to be popular and avoid responsabilities.

This nendo arrived on March, since I didn’t prepordered directly from the GSC online shop, I had to search for it everywhere until I found it on ebay. I didn’t get the two extra blank faces and the special base (SAD).
Osomatsu likes the Horse Races and usually bets on them, sometimes he’s lucky enough to win, what gives him extra money instead of getting a job. To celebrate his victory he lieks to drink bear and eat oden.Osomatsu is quite confident the horse he’ve bet on will win the race, maybe because the rider is a cute girl.Osomatsu like all his brothers is in love with a girl from his neighborhood called Totoko (KOSAKI HERE) but she doesn’t seem to like any of them even when the sextuplets show her them love and support everytime she wants to start her Idol career. Since the penultimate episode Totoko asked Osomatsu out on a date but he didn’t respond, in my own story this date did happen so here are they having a romantic afternoon.It looks like someone won’t be virgin anymore tonight XD!! Osomatsu looks so happy at his date, hope everything will be good for him.

Well this was my short review of the Older Matsuno brother, the one who takes care the most of his brothers although sometimes he wishes he was the only son of the family.

The story is so funny and adds lots of references from other animes, movies and videogames.

I waited until I got the last Matsuno bro to start posting photos of them, so stay alert because the next will be KARAMATSU.



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