Hello guys, how are you doing?? it’s been a while since my last post, haven’t had time to open my new figures yet, but two weeks ago I openned my 4-pack takara tomy pokémon figures, which includes Xerneas, Yveltal, Sylveon and Pikachu. These figure set has been on my wishlist for so long but finally I found it on ebay at a nice price.

Kalos is one of my favourite regions, the story is so complex, many refferences to Europe ; Pokémon X & Y are the first 3d pokemon games so they brought a new gaming experience.

I wanted to make something special for my two legendary pokémon, so I decided to make a new diorama and the obvious choice was Geosenge Town; that little town full of history and mystery in Kalos, where Xerneas and Yveltal used to be sleeping for centuries.

Also I made a short fanfic about two trainers having an adventure there, so here it is:

ACT 1: After the Route 10, Serena arrived to the Geosenge Town, and noticed so rare rocks placed in the center of the town, she didn’t know that Team Flare’s evil plans would unleash the rage of Yveltal and threaten the whole Kalos Region.

ACT 2: Serena looked how angry Yveltal was so she tried to calm it down having a battle, and finally got to catch it.

ACT 3: After leaving the MT. SILVER, Red decided to resume his journey, and visited the Kalos region first, the locals told him about Geosenge Town and about a Gym leader who was around the area.ACT 4: When He arrived to Geosenge Town, some kind of aura came from the underground, it was Xerneas, which finally woke up from its sleep and was attracted by the special bond between the trainer and his pokémon.ACT 5: This quiet town keeps many mysteries unsolved, and maybe the answers for the balance between LIFE and DESTRUCTION.









This was a short fanmade story, I’ve played both X&Y videogames and the main story is so deep and well made. Hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I did writting it, see ya until next time and have a nice week.



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