Hello my friends, here I am again with another review, this time I’m bringing you my newest nendoroid, Chris Redfield; I would’ve never imagined this Hunky-Manly-Handsome-Rude guy could become a nendoroid but here it is. This nendoroid is one of those sculpted for more articulation, also the faceplates were sculpted different lo give the character a manly appearance.The box includes Chris with his normal face expression, his handgum, a knife, a medicine herb, a rocket launcher with the rockets effect, 4 extra hands and two extra legs, also it comes with a special rounded base commemorating the franchise’s 20th anniversary and an alternate face is included. Didin’t have the chance of pre ordering it directly from the GSC site, and I bought it from so I couldn’t get the Red Herb which was a bonus.Back in 1996 when the key weapon to survive the horror at the Spencer Family Estate complex was a Rocket Launcher, Chris was the main playable character alongside Jill Valentine. All kind of weapons through his way; handgums, shotgums, Bombs, Magnums, personally, my fav weapon was the grenade launcher.Member of the Alpha team part of the S.T.A.R.S. squad, Chris was send to investigate the dissapearance of the Bravo team. Hours ago in the storyline, the Bravo Team was sent to investigate some reports of viciuos dogs and creatures attacking people in the Mountains, the only survivor was Rebecca Chambers, who found Chris while exploring the Spencer Mansion.The area was surrounded by zombies and all of Chris’s team members have dissapeared, and compared to other monsters, zombies were just just a baby’s game. Talking about these famous characters, many RE fans were very disappointed since RE creators decided to remove zombies from the newest games (RE4 RE5 and RE6) replacing them for infected and controlled people. I still have my classic RE games (RE0 RE1 RE2 and RE3) because the classsic gameplay and static camera were one of those reasons why the games looked different to a simple shootter videogame .No one could escape from the monsters; zombies, dogs and crows soon spread the virus in Raccoon City.There were bodies all around the Mountain, and hours later those bodies tunerd to life again but now as monsters. The videogames have a lot of differences compared with the movies, and one of those is the fact that the player can’t be infected by a zombi’es bite, and in the movies a simple scratch turns people into zombies.Chris must find a way out to survive the night and kill all the monsters and Umbrella’s experiments. When I posted this photo on IG someone told me that it wasa waste of ammo to use it against a zombie, and maybe he was right hahaha!!! Some Allies on his way like Ada Wong (Seishiro Tsugumi) will help him to solve some mysteries. Once a character is released in nendoroid size, comes the question if they´ll release another character from the same series. Compared to funko pops, which have Jill, Leon, Nemesis, Licker, Hunter and Tyrant, GSC only has Chris.They are in danger every step they take, zombies, hunters, cerberus, crimson heads, giant tarantulas, all kind of creatures.If one of them is bittem by a zombie, they’ll sure get infected by the T-Virus.Special S.T.A.R.S. training allows Chris to use some kind of herbs to make medicine to cure minor injuries.

The first time I played a RE game was in 2002 after I got a Nintendo Game Cube and Capcom released a remake for the original game from 1996, the graphics back then were awesome and the playing experience got you into a lot of stress, this is one of the best survival horror games i’ve ever played.

Well guys, this was my short review, after this post I feel like I need to play the game again, luckily, I still have my gamecube, hope you like the photos and have a nice week



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