DSC_1423Hello brothers, it’s me the coolest Matsuno Man, I’m ready for tons of dates with hot chicks, now the question is who wants to be the NEXT KARAMATSU GIRL??

DSC_1416Now I bring to you the second matsuno brother, and the most hard to find, after I decided to collect them all, noticed that this one was the most expensive and out of stock everywhere, I bought it from an ebay seller in London, which is funny because Karamatsu looks acts like a stylish brittish young man.

DSC_1417Although the wait was so long, the  advantage of getting it from there is that the seller included it’s special rounded base and the two extra faces, those pre order bonuses I didn’t get from the other boys.

DSC_1428Oh boy karamatsu, you care too much about your appearance, i can’t blame you, there’s always a good time to hang out with pretty girls and look like a winner.

DSC_1434Who wants to be my KARAMATSU GIRL?? I’ve got some extra bucks playing pachinko so the lucky one will have a nice dinner and some gifts, we’ll go to the movies and we’ll see the sunset together. Spotted two beauties, it’s time to get closer and be nice, nome of them could resist Karamatsu’s style.

DSC_1435The ginger girl looks pretty, also seems to make instant click with Karamatsu, they could spend hours and hours together, IT’S ALL ABOUT CONFIDENCE.

DSC_1437Everything was going great until Osomatsu nii-sam came along, he’s got that cool relaxed air that no one can resist, neither the ginger girl. All Karamatsu plans and efforts to like the girl are fading away, ¿how to compete againts your older brother?

DSC_1441Karamatsu knew he had to do something to keep his girl, and one of his talents was the key, the best way to get to a girls heart is with music, nothing beats a romantic song that means more than roses and chocolates. This time she’ll never leave Karamatsu and will fall in love instantly.

DSC_1445Maybe the song was so romantic that it turned into lullaby, the ginger girl fell asleep and all the passion and romance went away, poor karamatsu you did your best, but girls are so hard to understand, and there are days when you win and some days you lose.

DSC_1432But don’t worry people, Karamatsu’s spirit is stronger than ever, there are still many girls out there, he’s cool, neet but cool anyway, so if you see him next time, you’ll sure find him with a cute girl by his side.




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