Barbie the Pokémon Master

dsc_1404Since 1959 Barbie has been some kind of role model for girls with hundreds of careers, she’s the official image of Mattel brand and has sold billions of units worldwide, almost every girl in the world owns a barbie.

img_5764More than a year Ago, I was in a department store, and saw this doll for as low as 3.50 bucks, it belongs to the “Basic Collection” line that’s supposed to be cheaper and less classy than other series. My purpose was to recreate a scene with one of my newest nendoroids back then.

img_5774When I got my NENDOROID CHITOGE KIRISAKI I got an idea to make a short story about Britney Spears, the scene from “baby one more time” in her classroom. This was one of my first Instagram photos using nendoroids so I didn’t  know what to expect yet ( INSTAGRAM PHOTO )

img_5775Back then, that was the only purpose I had for this doll, and it had been stored for months in a box. As you can see, this idea didn’t go as well as I imagined but in those days I only had an iphone and no idea about light. ( INSTAGRAM PHOTO )

dsc_0008The next use I gave this doll was the time I got my DSLR camera, posing Barbie next to Mario and Luigi, it didn’t go as well as I thought but it was funny anyway.

dsc_1503It wasn’t until a few weeks ago, after I got my NENDOROID 496: HANAYO KOIZUMI and dressed the nendo up like Serena (my favourite girl from pokémon) that I came up with ideas to take new photos and this doll was the perfect choice. I’m always buying materials for my dioramas; cardboard, foam sheets, even fabrics, so this was the perfect time to explore.

For the outfit I used black and red fabric, silicon and part of the doll’s dress velcro, so I didn’t had to sew anything. The boots, hat and bag are made of foam sheets and the glases are made of cardboard. I didn’t want to pose the doll resting over another surface so I made a simple base made of wire to support it from behind and that’s all. Even tho the TOMY figures look a little small for the doll, I think they match perfectly.

dsc_1510I like outdoor photos sooo much so I toke the doll to my favourite place and here it is.

dsc_1502Now I think mattel should add a new career for barbie, why not to include Pokémon? It’ll be great to see each girl trainer in barbie style, or even the boys should look nice since Pokémon is quite popular not only for boys.

So what do you think?? maybe my next job would be making doll’s clothes haha

See yaa next time


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