DSC_1473Hello, it’s Luigi here, with a new mission, exploring new areas with his vacuum ready to face any paranormal situation.

DSC_1476Luigi’s new vacuum “the poltergust 5000” will help him to keep ghosts away from any home.

DSC_1482This time our hero was sent to an abandoned country house at the mountains, which was said to be inhabited by rare spirits who were making trouble and scaring people.

DSC_1484You won’t go any further this time my little friends, Luigi is decided to clean this place no matter what.

DSC_1494A few metters away, we found RED and GREEN having a battle, they were near Lavender Town, a place where most trainers go to pay tribute and mourn their pakémon that passed away.

DSC_1495At the middle of the match, they were interrupted by an angry ghost who said “BE GONE INTRUDERS” several times, they would later discover that this ghost was Cubone’s dead mother, Marowak.

DSC_1499inmediately, after catching all those restless souls from that abandoned house, Luigi came along and caught Marowak’s spirit.

So that’s the way a good intention isn’t as good as it seems at first instance, let’s see how RED and GREEN solve this terrible misunderstanding…

  • BearPkmnTrainer

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