DSC_1518The virtual diva is here, wearing her magical mirai 2016 outfit, ready to perform with her futuristic feel.

DSC_1575It was released last month, and this is my second Miku nendoroid (my first is NENDOROID SNOW MIKU: MAGICAL SNOW VERSION 380 ). Even if this figure hasn’t too much accessories, its design and sculpting work makes it one of the cutest toys I own right now. All that Miku needs is her mycrophone and that’s enough for a new experience.

I decided to make a tiny stage for her, was a little inspired by those awesome TOMORROWLAND SCENARIOS in Brussels, I thought Miku would look nice performing that way, a little bit of Japan culture mixed with that electronic European vibe, so here it is.

DSC_1520Everything on this figure is so charming, Miku’s outfit is so different to previous ones, her headphones are fully detailed, I was amazed by those cords with their audio plugs, and that movement effect in her twin tails looks like she’s floating.

DSC_1524Miku is excited because of her new stage and the show she’ll bring on it.

DSC_1529Which song will Miku sing first??

DSC_1533She’s testing her Mycrophone before anything.

DSC_1538An unbelievable experience, I wish to visit Japan soon and be there in one of her virtual concerts, for now, I’m ok with her tiny but cute performance in México.

Tickets available with me hahaha

It’s great to be more active after some months of not posting anything, I still have many unopened nendos, so I hope to make new posts weekly.

We’re on the LGBT-PRIDE month so my next post will be related to this, so wait for it.





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