DSC_1555Hello guys, this is a special day to me because as part of the lgbttti community, this day is the Pride day, when in many places around the world people go out and express themselves the way they are, mainly to let out voices sound because we’ve won a lot of battles but there’s still so much to do to let others konw our rights.

To celebrate this day, I used some of my figures to make photos related to this theme and how proud I am to be who I am and how i’d like everyone to feel the same way. So here they are:

1.- Don’t be ashamed by others who judge you for being different, be proud of yourself just the way you are, don’t be afraid to change until you find yourself and those who love you will accept you no matter what.

DSC_15422.- Since we were born we’ve been surrounded by people who loves us and wishes always the very best for our lives; our parents, our brothers and sisters, our granparents and every good friend that we’ve met along the way.

DSC_15493.- Happy beginning with happy ending, but this doesn’t always happen; there are still many people living with fear and hiding because there are places in this world where being #lgbt is a crime punished with jail or even death.
We all should stand together, we are part of a world where love is the same for everyone despite their skin color, age or orientation.

DSC_15734.- Someday we’ll all be able to start a family, after finding the special one, no matter if we don’t fit in the rules set by society or religion, we’ll be able to start a new adventure as two souls that turn into one, like our parents did before and their parents too.
We’ll be living our moment, that dream that many had before but weren’t able to make it come true.
We won’t stop fighting for our dreams that maybe seem too far but not impossible.
✨D O N T L O S E Y O U R W A Y✨

DSC_15595.- One day couples all around the world will be able to show their love in public, because there won’t be fear, shame or anything that’ll bring them down.
We won’t have to hide behind a silent mask of ourselves ’cause we’ll respect others as they will respect us, and new generations will grow up in a world of tolerance for everyone.
Someday I’ll find somebody to share my life with, we’ll hold each other’s hand and the ones who know me will celebrate by my side the joy of love…. THE SAME LOVE

DSC_15386.- The pride isn’t just a carnival where people walks around dancing with naughty clothes or naked trying to act so shameless; it’s about being able to go out and shout out loud that we’re here and we’re just humans that live, love and suffer just as everyone else. The legacy of those who started fighting for our rights and were killed and silenced by ignorance and hate, is enough for being proud and continue their work, because we have some freedom but there’s still a lot of hate and discrimination and that’s why there’s still a lot of work remaining.

These last posts mean a lot to me and I’ve tried to share a part of myself, I want to thank all my friends who showed their support and good energy to the #lgbt community, that makes me feel like we’re not so far from our goals and dreams.
If more people think like you guys, this world will be better everyday.

For the straight people moved by unfounded fears that turn into hate, all I can tell you is that beyond religion, race or orientation, we’re all humans and we love the same way. We’re friends, mothers, fathers, brothers, Sons, daughtes like you are and if we look what makes us the same instead of our differences we will live together peacefully.

For my gay mates who think this is just a trashy event where the worst of our community goes out like a shameful mess, I only encourage you to be proud and promote the diversity and respect for everyone lgbt, we must let the world know that we’re more than that negative cliché and that we’re not better or worse than someone who acts the way we don’t like.



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