DSC_1578Hello guys, it’s me again, now introducing my friend Choromatsu, the third Matsuno Brother.

DSC_1582Choromatsu Matsuno is usually the most responsible and serious of his brothers, always worried to find a job, at the end of the first season is the only one who gets a job and leaves home to be independent.

DSC_1585This boy loves all idols and collects any kind of merchadise, he likes to cheer up his friend Totoko who wishes to become a famous idol.

img_4491I bought this nendoroid on, so once again didn’t come with the extra faces and rounded base, but anyway it’s so funny and complete with its accessories, two extra arms, and two extra hands to hold the green sticks, this nendo comes with a nice kawaii bag and the newspaper for job search.

DSC_1590Choromatsu got a half-time job being the restaurant’s mascot, he only has to wear this costume and attract customers, seems pretty easy and his first day was going well.

DSC_1593Sometimes, the easiest job turns into danger, that’s what happened to Choromatsu today who faced a mad hylian who thought he was a Cucco.

DSC_1596His second day of work was better than the first one, lots of girls got closer to take selfies and no one tried to hurt him.

DSC_1597This time everything was perfect for Choromatsu, even he got the number of a pretty girl.

DSC_1606Once again, Choromatsu was in the middle of a misunderstanding, now he was caught by team rocket who thought he was a giant pikachu. This time Choromatsu doesn’t look annoyed or worried about it, he seems to enjoy what is happening.

Three bros here and three waiting for their moment of fame. Yesterday I took some photos to Ichimatsu, so I’ll post them late this week.

Hope you all have a nice week, see ya.


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