DSC_1643Hello guys, it’s been a busy week, and there are still many unboxed figures I own, waiting for a review, but last friday I got a package from amiami and it was my new toy, Hikaru from Magic Knight Rayearth.

DSC_1626This is my 2nd figma, since FIGMA 220 RYUKO MATOI , personally, I don’t have enough experience taking photos to figmas, I think I don’t get the results I expect when it comes to shots and poses; but since Umi Ryuuzaki (Marina in Latin America) was announced I couldn’t wait to preorder it and by the way discovered this beauty, Hikaru (Lucy in LATAM), so I ordered and a week later arrived to my door.

Talking about accessories and body parts, this figure only comes with a beautiful sword, 3 faces, 1 extra front hair part with cat ears and 4 extra hands; it’s enought for Hikaru.

DSC_1637The paintjob is so well done, when you see this figure in photos, you might think it’s bigger than the actual size, because of its details.

DSC_1630Hikaru Shidou is one of the three main characters of Magic Knight Rayeart series, a manga published by CLAMP in the 90’s. She’s a 14 years old girl who represents the FIRE, as the leader Hikaru is brave and honest yet the shortest of the girls.

DSC_1641I enjoyed so much taking photos to this figure, the best part is that didn’t have tu use it’s base; usually working with figmas, their base and stand are too big compared to the figure itself, it’s necessary more edit on every shot, but with this figure, there was no need to to do that because it can stand by itself without a base unless you plan to get a more complex pose like jumping or flexing one of its legs.




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