DSC_1646Here comes the fourth Matsuno Brother, Ichimatsu; the lonely and less friendly of the boys. Ichimatsu is a quiet and shy guy who only interacts with his brothers and his cat friend ESP.

DSC_1653This Character’s most memorable episode makes me so emotional, the first time he interacts with his closest friend ESP, who gets the ability of speaking and translate the real thoughts of people when they say something.

img_6381This nendo’s optional parts include a face mask for when he is sick, ESP Kitty with a cat toy and a variety of different hand and leg parts to allow for all sorts of different pose.

DSC_1649This face expresion comes from that same episode where he refuses to get injected, and sometimes, ichimatsu goes alone to the park and wonders why he’s all alone and have no friends besides ESP.

DSC_1658Most of his brothers think he’s too dark and emo, and that he should be more sociable, but Ichimatsu doesn’t give a damn and he’s ok with that because he counts with his cat and his brothers, specially Jyushimatsu who’s his closest bro.

DSC_1671Ichimatsu is a trully cat-lover (like me), his favorite hobby is to cuddle all day surrounded by cats, and  loves to feed homeless kittens. Sometimes his passions goes beyond normal and wishes to have money to pay himself a surgery to become a were-cat, yes, that’s one of many reasons his brothers think he’s a little weird.

DSC_1675But who cares what people say? we don’t need to be surrounded by people and have many friends to feel loved and important. Sometimes the most social person is the most lonely and full of emptiness inside. Those who care about us even if they’re just two or three are who really matter, that’s why Ichimatsu is fine, he doesn’t need more than his lovely cats and his brothers to be… well the closest thing to happy.




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