Hello buddies, it’s been a while since my last post, this time I’m bringing you a small DIY post about a diorama I made last weekend, since I’ve got some Zelda nendoroids and a figma figure, decided to build a tiny forest, but unlike the usual ones, this is a little darker.

img_6440This was my first time working with wires, cutting them was easy, the hardest part was to give them that dried or autumm tree effect only by joining every single piece, for these trees i used anneled wire and two cutting pliers.
Unlike previous dioramas, i decided to make some kind of hill effect, instead of making it plain. The base is made mainly of cardboard white glue and styrofoam.The ground base is made of cardboard, this is my favorite cardboard it’s so easy to cut and give shape, perfect for scale models.I choose the best tree for the center of the diorama, my least favorite is that placed bottom left, was the first I made and din’t know what to expect. I wanted to make topography effect specially where the trres are so i drew it on the cardboard.To make that topography effect I usually make toilet paper balls and place them together, after i get the volume I want I cover it with glue and a shet of kitchem napkim. Finally when it’s totally dry I paint it with acrylic pain, in this case I wanted a more autumm-like sensation so mixed a little green with red and more yellow colors.I usually like to draw this kind of ways that split into two, because when you take a photo with a figure on the diorama there are more angles and possibilities.I’m not that good making DIY posts or tutorials, while making a diorama usually skip many details of the proccess and forget to take photos, so here’s almost the final result, Made a walking ground of cardboard and painted with some brown colors, added some sponge bits to make the bush effect.Here’s the finished diorama with a figure on it, I went yesterday to take photos after two weeks of rainy weekends.The figure is the protagonist and the responsible of giving the whole diorama the scale illusion.

So hope you like this post, I used it yesterday for some shots and I’ll be posting them this week



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