Hello guys, these weeks have been full of crafts and props, since it’s been raining almost every day so I didn’t have time to take photos.
Last week I finally got my NENDOROID LINK Break of the Wild, and wanted to make something special for it, since last weekend was the WONFEST and the GSC announced a sculpted nendoroid of the guardian, I was a little inspired to make my own instead of waiting for months so here’s the process.

The main body is made by styrofoam, 3 rounded pieces of different size.

It looks like a wedding cake, the foam’s texture isn’t so nice by itself so I had to find out a way to cover it.My best option was model making cardboard, it’s easy to cut and nice to paint, since you can make partial cuts and give the guardian that pyramidal shape.

The lower part was the hardest to cut and give shape since it has some small holes and the cuts make it so fragile.For its legs i used annealed wire, from different size each to make it look like it’s walking.

I must confess that I haven’t played the videogame yet so my only references are screenshots and amiibo pics, so I think I used black paint instead of brown and those kind of veins are made of DAS modeling pasta.Tried to make the upper boddy the most accurate to official pictures, and thelegs are covered with DAS to make the mechanical impression, all pieces are joinedwith UHU.I wanted to give it a final layer of sealer, this avoids the paint to come apart from, and it gives a glossy finishing.
This is the final result, I think it works good with the nendoroid scale, I couldn’t use for my figma shots. It took a few hours to be finished, so I guess this will be my guardian selfmade figure, don’t need the nendoroid that will be released next year, instead i wish the GSC would release a Zelda nendo.

Hope you like this small diy tutorial, making this kind of posts is funny and entertaining because you can record all process and compare the final results with your beginning.

The photos of the process were taken with an iphone, and the final results with my Nikon, since the first ones are fast shots while working I don’t feel secure handling my camera surrounded by all kind of risks like water, apint or any danger so sorry for the bad quality.

See ya!!! 😀


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