DSC_1719The hylian hero has just arrived, I’m talking about link, my newest nendoroid to arrive, from one of the most popular and high rated videogames comes a nendoroid of its main character; Link.

The Legend of Zelda “breath of the wild” is the latest games from the nintendo franchise, it was reelased the same day as the NINTENDO SWITCH console, also available for the WiiU.

After the game was announced, the goodsmile company added to it’s nendoroid list a new figure of Link with his new outfit and new accessories.

DSC_1720This nendoroid was set for preorder since January and released on July after a month of delay.

The box include link, his bow and arrow, quiver, sword, sheath and shield, in addition to this figure announcement, there are two editios available, the standard and the deluxe. I chose the deluxe because of it’s awesome number of extra parts and accessories, which includes an axe, club, chicken leg as well as an extra head with his hood and even a horse just for $10 extra bucks.

DSC_1781Link is checking his sheikah slate for map reference.

I was so excited by this nendoroid arrival that I decided to make a new scenario and a complementary figure.

I wanted to build a tiny field with trees, so I made a tutorial for it DIY FOREST DIORAMA

The GSC dropped some photos of a Guardian prototype but couldn’t wait for it to be available so I made a tutorial for it too DIY BREATH OF THE WILD GUARDIAN 

DSC_1786Watch out Link!!! there’s a guardian behind you.

I’ve gone taking photos to this figure for the last two weekends and last sunday I lost this tiny figure and didn’t notice until I was at home at night, felt so sad about it, but the next day I went to that location with the hope of finding it and thank goodness it was right there.

DSC_1726The best way to defeat a guardian is by using arrows.

DSC_1726Alink must be faster than his enemy to avoid a direct attack

dsc_1726blink should better hurry up

dsc_1731This image describes best why everyone must have this nendoroid, it comes with a tiny and adorable horse, like in many of the latest Zelda titles, link is able to ride a horse usually called Epona, which help him several times.

DSC_1732Looks like this horse isn’t tamed yet and a little out of control.

DSC_1734Link has so much to do if he wants to ride his horse properly.

DSC_1773There’s no better ending for a blog post than a heroic and triumphant pose, so here it is, based on an oil painting of Napoleon crossing the alps from 1801.

This figure is amazing, as awesome as the game itself, like the previous Link nendos that are still quite popular, specially NENDOROID 553 LINK “MAJORA’S MASK 3D”, this nendo is one of the best releases this year.

Hope you like this post, can’t stop thinking of new ideas for this figure so i guess I’ll be uploading more and more and more.

– bearpkmntrainer –



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